Rob Dweck - Photo by Larry Nienkark

About Rob

My fascination with photography began as a teenager when I received Yoshikazu Shirakawa’s book Eternal America as a gift. The photographs in that book made a lasting impression on me, and years later inspired my first trip West to see the great American landscapes and wilderness firsthand. I was so taken with the grandeur and beauty that I returned annually until I moved to the west coast in 2000.

I spent much of my spare time hiking in the parks and wilderness of California and the Southwest and soon began photographing my journeys. Inspired by the work of Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe and other landscape masters, I set out with my camera to capture the beauty and wonder that I experienced in my travels.

Over the years my approach has evolved from attempting to recreate what I see through the lens, to using it as a jumping off point for creative exploration and expression. I use a variety of techniques in camera and in processing to create my own interpretation of the subjects I shoot.

My photographs have appeared in books, magazines and calendars and have won several awards including the Ansel Adams Gallery Photo Contest and the California State Parks Foundation Photo of the year. In 2012 Peachpit Press published my first ebook, The Photographer’s Guide to the Golden Gate Bridge.