Featured Interview in “The Black & White Landscape” by Andrew S. Gibson

Oct 15, 2016

The Black & White Landscape by Andrew S. Gibson

Last summer Andrew S. Gibson contacted me and asked if I would like to be interviewed for a case study in his upcoming eBook The Black & White Landscape. Having previously read several of his books and found them to be well-written and informative, I was surprised that he would consider me for a case study in one of his books. The book was published today and I was even more surprised to find that one of my favorite photographers, Cole Thompson, is the other case study. I’ve been admiring Cole’s work for years as well as his approach and philosophy, and I consider it a great honor to have my work featured in the same book as his. Thank you, Andrew!

You can purchase the eBook, as well as many of Andrew’s other eBooks at The Creative Photographer website. If you are interested in learning black and white photography it is $14 well spent, and at the time I’m writing this, you can use code NOVEMBER4 to get the book for $10. Andrew covers an enormous range of topics in the 158 pages of The Black & White Landscape and supplements his words with beautiful photographs. Although I haven’t read all of his other books, based on the ones I have read, I can confidently say that if you’re looking to improve your photography skills, you would be doing yourself a great service getting any of his books.