Last month I received an email with the news that “Storm Brewing at Badwater” won 2nd prize in the Ansel Adams Gallery National Park Photo Contest. What makes this award so special is that it’s not coming from John Doe’s gallery, it’s the gallery that bears the name of the MOALP (Mother of all Landscape Photographers). (Yes, I know he’s male-but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s the MOALP.) (Also, no slight intended towards John Doe if someone with that name indeed does have a gallery.) (I know this is the fourth parenthetical clause in a a row. I’m a photographer, not a grammarian.)

You can see the other beautiful winning photos at the Ansel Adams Gallery website. If you can’t live another day without “Storm Brewing at Badwater” hanging on your wall, please contact me to order a print.

Rob Dweck - Storm Brewing At Badwater